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Battle of the Bands Zambia was Radisson Blu’s brain child. Radisson Blu is a brand that focuses a large amount of its efforts on responsible business.


As a hotel Radisson Blu finds music key to the success of a happy and entertained guest. Promoting and assisting local music is certainly aligned with Radisson’s ethos and the hotel aims to discover new & exciting talent so in future we are able to easily identify key musicians whom we’d like to “represent Zambia” at our hotel.

Marius Wolmarans

General Manager

As a radio station Phoenix FM has always been a patriot of Local Music.

The radio and music industry have always depended on each other to grow, Phoenix fm understands the changes The Zambian Music industry has gone through, heard the growth and grown with it. It is for this Reason that we have partnered with Radisson Blu in this venture to take Zambian music to the next level as we promote existing and discover new bands in Zambia.

Thandi Vundamina

Programmes & Production Manager

Prime Tv is committed to promoting local artists and production, Battle of the Band's is one among them. In support of this years Battle of the Band's the station has created space for interviews. The station will be able to assist in interviewing the artists and our partners here today who have committed to a great cause, supporting local musician and creating awareness on the same

Wells Chifunda

Production Manager

Primedia partnered with Radisson Blu over Battle of the Bands with the aim to develop Zambian music. With Primedia's presence across Lusaka we felt that we were able to help support the marketing of the event which in turn will assist in developing the knowledge of local musicians and the importance in supporting the cause.

Ameer  Isaacs

Managing Director

Zambia’s music culture is a hidden gem within the African continent, an area that we as DSTV believe will flourish with the right assistance and exposure. In 2018 we are investing the equivalent of $42,325 in media space on DSTV in the SADC and Pan-African region across ChannelO, Zambezi Magic, OneZed, VuzuAMP, SuperSport3, Mnet 102 for a duration of 7 Months.


We believe that with the right assistance investing in Local music we, along with our partners here today, will significantly assist in developing the industry in Zambia.

Sindiso Moyo

Account Manager Africa

Go Vino believes that everyone deserves a chance in life. We have been blessed with a wonderful opportunity in Zambia and we would like to reach out and do the same for those in the country we work in.

Let Battle of the Bands 2018 be a platform that gives artists hope, let them find greatness in pursing their passion by seizing this opportunity.

Trudie & Iggi Van Rooyen


As a company dedicated to music Zirbo Zambia found cause in supporting Battle of the Bands and giving Zambian musicians the best possible tools to showcase their amazing talents on stage to an audience who will be aware of the brilliant undiscovered talent in the country.

Alex Borzi


Ad-dicts and The AdBox have joined into the cause by providing Marketing & Advertising services to support local knowledge of the event. Our brands recognise the need for the development of the music industry in Zambia and are fully on board to #SupportLocalMusicians

Lauren Watson